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Woodward 8200-1302 505D Digital Governor Turbine Control

Woodward 8200-1302 505D Digital Governor Turbine Control

Brand: Woodward
Product Type: 505D Digital Governor Turbine Control
Payment:T/T, Western Union
Shipping Port:Jinhua China
Lead Time:1-3 Working Days
Condition: Brand New And 100% Original
Warranty: 12 months

8200-1302 Technical Specifications

Analog Input 4-20 mA channels (with Loop Power)
EMC Immunity EN 61000-6-2
Enclosure Type IACS UR E10 (Commercial Marine)
Features ATEX, IP-54, and Pollution Degree 3
Input Voltage LV 18-36 VDC isolated
Operating Temperature -22 - 158 F
Screen Size 8.4in LCD
Storage Temperature -22 - 158 F

Product Description

The 8200-1302 is one of several Woodward 505 Digital Governors available for the control of steam turbines. This operator control panel acts as a graphical interface and keypad that allows for adjustments to and communication with the turbine. This can be configured through Modbus communication ports located on the unit.  

The 8200-1302 has multiple features available:

  • Auto start sequencing for hot and cold starts, with temperature input options
  • Critical speed avoidance on three-speed bands
  • Ten external alarm inputs
  • Ten external DI trip inputs
  • Trip indication for Trip and Alarm events with associated RTC time stamp
  • Dual Speed and Load Dynamics
  • Peak Speed Indication for Overspeed Trip
  • Zero Speed Detection
  • Remote droop
  • Frequency dead-band

The unit also offers three normal operating modes, including configuration, operation, and calibration modes. 

The unit includes two redundant speed inputs that can accept magnetic pickup units, eddy current probes, or proximity probes. It has analog inputs (8) that can be configured for any of twenty-seven functions.   The unit also has an additional twenty contact inputs.  The first four of these contacts default for shutdown raise speed setpoint, reset, and lower speed set point.  The others can be configured as needed. Additionally, the unit has two 4-20 mA control outputs and eight Form-C relay contact outputs.

The 8200-1302’s front panel includes an emergency trip key, a backspace/delete key, a shift key, as well as view, mode, ESC, and home keys.  It also has navigation cross keys, soft key commands, and four LEDs to relate the status of control and hardware. 

For additional information regarding the use and installation of the 8200-1302, please refer to the original documentation from Woodward. 

Integrated Graphical Front Panel HMI Screen

  • Multilingual screens including Chinese for easier operator use, diagnosis and control
  • Large screen allows easy navigation and icon view of parameters and performance
  • Real time trending locally viewable by operators and engineers
  • Configurable tag names to easily identify connections
  • Internal “Turbine Simulator” for off-line training and advance testing before system changes

Improved Communications

  • Ethernet communications for connectivity to plant DCS, service tools and RemoteView operator control panels
  • CANOpen actuator connectivity for Woodward VariStroke actuators and DSLC-II power management networks

Intelligent / Adaptive Control Algorithms

  • Next generation advance load rejection performance
  • 3 critical speed avoidance bands
  • Reverse rotation sensing and alarm
  • OptiTune adaptive PID technology for optimum set-up of turbine performance
  • Acceleration PID that limits overshoots for a stable and efficient plant startup
  • High speed data logs monitoring turbine operation and stress including run time and first out trip information
  • Vibration monitoring for protection and control (Sensor kit 8928-7482)

Improved Service/User Tools

  • Cyber compliant password enabled logins
  • RemoteView (8928-5311) program enables virtual monitor and control from a remote workstation or mobile device
  • Control Assistant service tool enabled to easily configure, save, compare and view settings and data logs

Drop-in upgrade for existing 505 legacy steam turbine governor controls with item number 9907-164. 

  • Use our convenient old 505 to new 505D retrofit wiring kit 5404-1801.

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