Collection: Bachmann

Bachmann Controllers, hailing from Austria, are specialized control devices known for their applications in the field of industrial automation, particularly in fan control. Operating on the VxWorks embedded real-time operating system, these controllers offer multitasking capabilities with robust memory management and interface programming features.

The Bachmann SolutionCenter software serves as the comprehensive development environment for Bachmann controllers. With this software, users can engage in C/C++ programming and generate executable files for deployment on the controller. Additionally, it facilitates viewing controller configurations and running program information. The software also includes a built-in Java development environment for crafting interface programs that interface seamlessly with the controller.

Bachmann Products Overview:

 CPU Processors:

  • Notable CPUs: MPC240 and MPC270
  • MX200 Series: Including MX213 and MX220
  • MC200 Series: Featuring MC210, MC210 CC, MC205, and MC205 CC
  • MH200 Series: Highlighted by MH230


  • I/O Modules: Such as DIO216, DIO280, AIO288/1, and AIO288
  • Power Supply Modules: Exemplified by NT255
  • Other Modules: Including FS221/N, FM221, ISI222, LM201, CNT204/H, RS204, FS211/N, SEM201, and ACR222/2


  • Various backplane options, such as BS204, BS205, BS206, BS207, BS204 BIO246, BS205 BIO413, BS206 BIO420, BS207 BIO459, and BS210

Operator Panels:

  • Operator panels like the OT115/R facilitate user interaction and control.