Collection: GE

General Electric, commonly known as GE, is an American powerhouse in the world of industrial automation and control systems. With a rich history dating back to the late 19th century, GE has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions to industries worldwide. Let's delve into some of its primary control series:

  1. Series 90-20 (IC692): Delivering precision and reliability, the Series 90-20 is a stalwart in the control world. Known for its consistency, it has a long-standing legacy in ensuring smooth operations.

  2. Series 90-30 (IC693): While some parts are no longer in production, the Series 90-30 has been a workhorse in various applications, showcasing its reliability and versatility.

  3. RX3i (IC694 and IC695): Bringing advanced control to the forefront, the RX3i series represents the future of automation. It combines innovation and performance to meet the evolving demands of modern industries.

  4. Series 90-70 (IC697): Though it's no longer in production, the Series 90-70's impact on the industrial world remains undeniable, as it once served as the backbone for critical processes.

  5. RX7i (IC698): A continuation of GE's commitment to excellence, the RX7i series delivers next-level control solutions for industries that demand precision and reliability.

  6. VersaMax: An affordable option with unmatched performance, VersaMax offers cost-effective control solutions without compromising on quality.

  7. Series One (IC610 and IC620): A foundation for control, the Series One is where it all began. These controllers set the stage for GE's control expertise.

  8. Series Three (IC630): Built to meet complex control needs, the Series Three offers advanced capabilities to address intricate industrial processes.

  9. Series Five (IC655): Designed for robust applications, Series Five controllers ensure operations run smoothly in challenging environments.

  10. Series Six (IC660 and IC600): Combining versatility and reliability, the Series Six controllers are ideal for various industrial automation requirements.

  11. Field Control (IC670): Pioneering excitation systems for power generation and heavy industries, GE's Field Control series plays a crucial role in ensuring power reliability and stability.