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Woodward 5461-655 Final Driver Module Good Price in Stock

Woodward 5461-655 Final Driver Module Good Price in Stock

Brand: Woodward
Product Type: Final Driver Module
Payment:T/T, Western Union
Shipping Port:Jinhua China
Lead Time:1-3 Working Days
Condition: Brand New And 100% Original
Warranty: 12 months

The Woodward 5461-655 is a final driver module that is used in conjunction with a Woodward control system to drive a variety of actuators, including valves, motors, and pumps. It is a high-performance module that offers a wide range of features and benefits, including:

  • High current output (up to 100 amps)
  • Fast response time (10 ms)
  • Wide operating range (-40 to 85°C)
  • Easy programming and configuration
  • Robust design

The 5461-655 features a number of advanced features that make it a versatile and powerful final driver, including:

  • Digital signal processing (DSP) for high accuracy and performance
  • PID control with multiple modes of operation
  • Self-tuning capability
  • Analog and digital I/O
  • Ethernet communication

The 5461-655 is a valuable tool for industrial automation applications that require precise control of actuators. It is a reliable and durable module that can withstand the harsh conditions found in many industrial environments.

Here are some additional details about the Woodward 5461-655:

  • It is a single printed circuit board (PCB) module that is mounted in a standard 19-inch rack.
  • It has eight digital I/O channels and two analog I/O channels.
  • It can be programmed using the Woodward ControlBuilder software.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of Woodward control systems.
  • The Woodward 5461-655 is a versatile and powerful final driver that can be used in a wide variety of industrial automation applications. It is a reliable and durable module that can withstand the harsh conditions found in many industrial environments


Good Price Woodward 5461-655 Final Driver Module In Stock



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