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Rockwell Automation

ProSoft MVI69-GSC Generic ASCII Serial Communication Module

ProSoft MVI69-GSC Generic ASCII Serial Communication Module

Brand: Rockwell Automation
Product Type: Communication Module
Payment:T/T, Western Union
Shipping Port:Jinhua China
Lead Time:1-3 Working Days
Condition: Brand New And 100% Original
Warranty: 12 months


The MVI69-GSC module provides a fast and efficient method to add two fully configurable ASCII communication ports to the CompactLogix/MicroLogix platform. It does so without utilizing the processor's front port or sacrificing valuable processing time. The module integrates various devices supporting ASCII communications into the CompactLogix/MicroLogix platform via supporting ladder logic in the processor.


  • Single-slot - 1769 backplane compatible
  • Recognized as an Input/Output module with access to processor memory for data transfer
  • Utilizes ladder logic for data transfer between module memory and processor controller tags
  • Supports CompactLogix and MicroLogix 1500 LRP Controllers, except 1769-QBFC1B, 1769-L16x, and 1769-L18ER-BB1B

Functional Specifications:

  • ASCII Communication ports 1 & 2 (PRT1, PRT2)
  • Independently configurable ports including settings for baud rate, parity, stop bits, handshaking, and character strings up to 4096 characters in length
  • Handshaking options: Hardware (RTS/CTS, DTR/DSR) and Software (XON/XOFF)
  • Supports hardware handshaking control for radio, modem, and multi-drop support
  • Allows storage and transfer of up to 4000 registers to/from the control processor
  • Provides module error and status conditions for diagnostic purposes

Hardware Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Standard 1769 single-slot module
  • Current Load: 800 mA max @ 5 VDC
  • Operating Temp: 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
  • Storage Temp: -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% (no condensation)
  • LED Indicators: Battery and Module Status, Application Status, Serial Port Activity, CFG Port Activity
  • CFG Port: RS-232 only, no hardware handshaking
  • App Ports (P1, P2): RS-232, RS-485, or RS-422 (jumper selectable), RS-232 handshaking configurable, 500V Optical isolation from backplane
  • Shipped with Unit: RJ45 to DB-9M cables for each port, 6-foot RS-232 configuration cable

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