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Original HIMA Analog Input Module F1101 In Stock

Original HIMA Analog Input Module F1101 In Stock

Brand: HIMA
Product Type: Analog Input Module
Payment:T/T, Western Union
Shipping Port:Jinhua China
Lead Time:1-3 Working Days
Condition: Brand New And 100% Original
Warranty: 12 months
Hot Selling Brand New Original Hima F1101

The HIMA F1101 is a 16-bit, 16-channel analog input module for use with HIMA PLCs. It has a single-ended input voltage range of 0-10 VDC and a differential input voltage range of +/-10 VDC. The module has a resolution of 12 bits and a sampling rate of 100 Hz. It also has a built-in multiplexer that allows up to 16 analog inputs to be connected to the module.
The F1101 is a standard module in the HIMA PLC family and is compatible with all HIMA PLCs. It is a reliable and cost-effective way to add analog input capabilities to a HIMA PLC.

Here are some of the key features of the HIMA F1101:
16-bit, 16-channel analog input
Single-ended input voltage range of 0-10 VDC
Differential input voltage range of +/-10 VDC
Resolution of 12 bits
Sampling rate of 100 Hz
Built-in multiplexer
Compatible with all HIMA PLCs
The HIMA F1101 is a versatile and reliable analog input module that can be used in a variety of industrial applications. It is a cost-effective way to add analog input capabilities to a HIMA PLC.

Here are some of the applications where the HIMA F1101 can be used:
Process control
Machine monitoring
Data acquisition
Environmental monitoring
Medical equipment
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Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We are a trading company.

Q: What is your lead time?

A: It usually takes one to three days if we have it in stock. If the goods are not in stock, you need to negotiate.

Q: Does your company provide samples? Is it free or do you charge extra?

A: It depends on the goods you need and the quantity you order.

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A: 100%  T/T before shipping. If the quantity is large, we can negotiate.

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