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Bently Nevada

Hot New Products Bently Nevada 330180-X1-CN Proximity Sensor Quality Choice

Hot New Products Bently Nevada 330180-X1-CN Proximity Sensor Quality Choice

Brand: Bently Nevada
Product Type: Sensor
Payment:T/T, Western Union
Shipping Port:Jinhua China
Lead Time:1-3 Working Days
Condition: Brand New And 100% Original
Warranty: 12 months

Brand:Bently Nevada            Item No:330180-X1-CN

Warranty:1 year                Service:One Year Warranty

Quality:100% New And Original    Delivery:1-3 Days



The Bently Nevada 330180-X1-CN is a proximitor sensor module that is used for monitoring the vibration and position of rotating machinery. It is part of the Bently Nevada 3300 series and is designed to work with other modules in the series to provide a comprehensive machinery monitoring system.


Dual-channel design for redundancy and reliability
Compatible with a wide range of sensors and transducers
High-speed data acquisition for real-time monitoring
Built-in diagnostics and self-test capabilities
User-configurable alarm thresholds and output options

Technical Specifications:

Power supply: 24 VDC nominal, 18-32 VDC range
Input voltage: 0-20 VDC, 4-20 mA
Output voltage: 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA
Frequency response: 5 Hz to 20 kHz
Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
Humidity range: 0 to 95% non-condensing


Improved machinery reliability through continuous monitoring
Early detection of potential problems before they cause downtime or damage
Reduced maintenance costs through targeted repairs and replacement
Increased safety for personnel and equipment


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Manager: Caroline


telephone/whatsapp: 0086-18857985841


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