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Honeywell 900C75S-0360-00 Redundant CPU In Stock

Honeywell 900C75S-0360-00 Redundant CPU In Stock

Brand: Honeywell
Product Type: Redundant CPU
Payment:T/T, Western Union
Shipping Port:Jinhua China
Lead Time:1-3 Working Days
Condition: Brand New And 100% Original
Warranty: 12 months

Honeywell 900C75S-0360-00 is a redundant Central Processing Unit (CPU) module designed for the Honeywell Safety Manager System (SMS). It provides high availability and fault tolerance for critical control applications by offering a redundant configuration with two independent CPU units.


                                    1. Dual CPU units: Provides redundancy and eliminates single points of failure.
                                    2. Hot-swappable CPUs: Allows for online maintenance and repair without system downtime.
                                    3. Automatic failover: Automatically switches to the backup CPU in case of a primary CPU failure.
                                    4. High-speed communication bus: Enables fast and reliable communication between CPUs and I/O modules.
                                    5. Watchdog functionality: Monitors the health of both CPUs and initiates corrective actions if necessary.
                                    6. SIL 3 certified: Meets the highest standards for safety-critical applications.
                                    7. QMR (Quick Module Replacement) design: Enables easy and fast replacement of modules for reduced downtime.


                                                                    1. Process control systems: Ensures continuous and uninterrupted operation in industries like oil & gas, chemical, and power generation.
                                                                    2. Emergency shutdown systems: Provides high availability for critical safety functions.
                                                                    3. Fire and gas detection systems: Guarantees reliable operation for early detection and response to hazardous situations.
                                                                    4. Turbine control systems: Ensures safe and efficient operation of turbines in power plants.
                                                                    5. Pipeline control systems: Maintains safe and reliable transportation of fluids and gases.
                                                                    6. Any application requiring high availability and fault tolerance: Offers a robust and reliable solution for critical control systems.

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