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EPRO PR6423/069-110 Eddy Current Sensor

EPRO PR6423/069-110 Eddy Current Sensor

Brand: EPRO
Product Type: Eddy Current Sensor
Payment:T/T, Western Union
Shipping Port:Jinhua China
Lead Time:1-3 Working Days
Condition: Brand New And 100% Original
Warranty: 12 months
Attribute Value
Manufacture EPRO
Model PR6423/069-110
Ordering Information PR6423/069-110
Catalog PR6423
Description Eddy Current Sensor
Origin Germany (DE)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 20cm*20cm*15cm
Weight 1kg

The eddy current transducer system is designed to measure mechanical parameters such as displacements and vibrations. Applications can be found in many branches in different industrie and laboratories. The contactless measurement principle, the small size as well as the rugged design and the resistance against aggressive enviroments make the transducers ideal for use on all kinds of turbomachines. epro offers a wide range of equipment to measure and monitor e. g. the following parameters on turbo- and similar machines:

– Clearances between rotating and stator parts

– Vibration of rotating and other machine components

– Dynamic motion and eccentricity of shafts

– Deformation or bending of rotating or stator parts

– Axial and radial shaft movements

– Thrust bearing positions and wear

– Oil film thickness

– Differential expansions

– Housing expansions, valve positions

The eddy current transducer together with a signal converter CON form an oscillator circuit, who’s amplitude of oscillation is damped by the proximity of a metallic object in front of the transducer. The damping characteristics is proportional to the distance between the transducer face and the measuring object. The transducers with the converters are delivered fully adjusted so that no „on site calibration“ is required. Only the gap between the transducer and the object has to be adjusted, to get the specified signal at the converter output.
    For exact price, please contact us for quotation as below:
    Caroline telephone/whatsapp: 0086-18857985841
    PR6424/012-000 CON011 A6110 MMS6410
    PR6423/000-131-CN CON031 A6312 MMS6410
    PR6423/002-040 CON041 A6410 MMS6410
    CON021+PR6423/003-130 A6210 MMS6410
    CON021+PR6423/10R-030-CN A6120 MMS6410
    CON021+PR6423/013-000 A6312/06 MMS6410
    CON021+PR6423/10R-030-CN PR9376/20 MMS6410
    CON021+PR6423/10R-030-CN CON021 CON041
    CON041/SF+PR6423/015-111 CON011 CON031
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