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Bently Nevada

Quality assurance best Bently Nevada 3500/40 149716-01 Proximitor I/O Module

Quality assurance best Bently Nevada 3500/40 149716-01 Proximitor I/O Module

Brand: Bently Nevada
Product Type: I/O Module
Payment:T/T, Western Union
Shipping Port:Jinhua China
Lead Time:1-3 Working Days
Condition: Brand New And 100% Original
Warranty: 12 months


Bently Nevada

Item No

3500/40 149716-01


1 year


One Year Warranty


100% New And Original


1-3 Days




The Bently Nevada 3500/40 149716-01 is a machine condition monitoring system that provides continuous, online monitoring of rotating machinery. It is used to protect machinery from damage and to identify potential problems early, so that corrective action can be taken before a failure occurs.
The system consists of a number of components, including:
A vibration sensor that is mounted on the rotating machinery
A signal conditioner that amplifies and filters the vibration signal
A data acquisition unit that digitizes the vibration signal and stores it in memory
A software application that analyzes the vibration data and generates alarms and reports

Technical Specifications:

Vibration measurement range: 0.001 to 1000 mm/s
Sampling rate: 1000 to 10000 samples per second
Data storage capacity: 100000 records
Alarm limits: User-definable
Reporting: Customizable reports


You may have any questions

Q: What are your packaging conditions?

A: Generally speaking, we pack the goods in cartons with foam padding to prevent damage to the goods.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: 100% T/T before shipment. Western Union, credit cards are also acceptable

Q: What about your delivery time?

A: Generally 1-3 days after receiving your payment. The specific delivery time depends on the type and quantity of the order.

About us

At ControlTech, our team specializes in sourcing discontinued and scarce automation components, and regardless of the year or scarcity of the part, we will find and deliver the spare parts you need so that your facility can be back up and running quickly. Our warehouses stock a wide range of automation and control components, and if you don't have what you need in stock, our team will search the globe to find the parts you need at the best price.


Packaging & Delivery

1)All quote are basic on EX-WORK

2)Delivery time: 3-5 days after payment

3)Payment Term:T/T

4)Delivery term via DHL/TNT/UPS/EMS/Fedex

Packaging Details:original packing factory sealed.

Manager: Caroline


telephone/whatsapp: 0086-18857985841

Looking forward to your contact~



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3500/42 135489-01

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